VERSO X VERSO creates handmade shoes of the highest quality leathers by local craftsmen with particular expertise. A work of art – sturdiness and timeless elegance.
Our shoes are offered exclusively at VERSO X VERSO’s unique workshop at Panzano in Chianti. Seeing our customers in person allows truly individual attention to our customer’s needs and desires.
VERSO X VERSO’s handmade shoes focus on hand drafting and on the use of stiffening reinforcement in leather as well as on the exceptional quality of the finely tailored upper leathers and linings, which are sourced at the best Italian and international tanneries, giving precedence to mainly naturally tanned leathers. All our shoes feature stitched leather soles.
Our customers may choose whether to opt for VERSO X VERSO handmade ready-to-wear shoes, customized made-to-order shoes or bespoke shoes.
Handmade ready-to-wear shoes, are directly available from the shop.
Customized made-to-order shoes in standard sizes are manufactured according to our customers’ individual specifications combining preferred style, selected leather quality and favorite color.
Bespoke shoes to fit each individual foot to perfection and be unique to their owner – our exclusive line
Carlo Fagiani shoes.
Individual sizing follows the selection of style, leather and color. Each foot is traced and measured meticulously in order to provide the precise information for the fitting of the lasts (forms). The individual lasts can be retained and used for the creation of subsequent pairs.
Our bespoke shoes are made to measure for unique comfort, the materials perfectly matching the function and aesthetics of the shoe while reflecting each single personality. Our bespoke shoes meet in harmony each single client’s needs.