VERSO X VERSO in its unique atelier at Panzano in Chianti offers to its fond and sophisticated clientele a total look, handmade and made-to-measure, joining artisanal tradition and creativity for both men and women.
Selected materials of excellence are transformed by local master artisans into shoes and apparel, complemented by an exclusive line of accessories including belts, wallets, bags and gift ideas.
The collection is created by the artist and master artisan Carlo Fagiani, focusing on an approach to uniqueness and individuality.
Thirty years of experience and research originate a well-balanced blend between comfort and originality, and attention to detail and quality. Outstanding craftsmanship, aesthetic sensibility and highest quality standards for leathers and fabrics meet in harmony for our customers’ individuality and confidence. The atelier VERSO X VERSO located in the magical scenery of Chianti is looking forward to welcoming you.